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Presenting our Tropical Plumeria-Designed 20oz Glass Skinny Tumbler, your chic solution for hydration on the move. Encased in the robust elegance of premium glass, the tumbler boasts an enchanting tropical plumeria design achieved through high-resolution sublimation printing.


With a generous 20oz volume, it can house an array of your preferred drinks, be it refreshing water, zesty juices, thick smoothies, or invigorating iced coffee. The sleek shape ensures a comfortable grip, while also fitting snugly into most cup holders — an absolute companion for your daily commute, exciting trips, or outdoor escapades.


Crowned with a resilient bamboo lid, this tumbler offers a tight seal, preventing messy spills. The lid not only helps retain your beverage temperature, hot or cold, but also infuses an organic sophistication to the overall design.


Crafted from top-notch glass, our tumbler presents a greener, healthier alternative to its plastic counterparts. It promises a pure, untainted taste for your drinks, free from any harmful chemicals. The frosted finish imparts a subtle elegance, turning this tumbler into a stylish accessory that you'd love to flaunt.


The package includes a durable, reusable straw for comfortable sipping on the move. Made from sturdy materials, the straw contributes to reducing single-use plastic waste, thus underlining your commitment to the environment.


When it comes to cleaning, this tumbler is a breeze. We recommend hand washing, while the bamboo lid can be simply wiped with a damp cloth, ensuring your tumbler is always hygienic and primed for your next adventure.


Opt for our Tropical Plumeria-Designed 20oz Glass Skinny Tumbler with Straw & Bamboo Lid, and experience a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and personalization. Hydrate responsibly and stylishly while enjoying the convenience and uniqueness of our tumbler.

Frosted Glass Tumbler 20 oz. Hawaiian Designed Plumeria

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