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The artwork captures a tranquil tropical scene under the glow of a full moon. A hula girl stands gazing into the moonlit sky, her silhouette adding a touch of mystery to the setting. The scene is rich in details, featuring lush palm trees and the gentle lap of waves against the shore, all bathed in the cool, silvery light of the moon. This piece embodies a peaceful night in paradise, inviting the viewer to contemplate the serene beauty of nature.

The artwork is available in various sizes and materials, ensuring that it can be enjoyed in different spaces and aesthetics. For a smaller, more intimate display, the 8x10 ceramic tile option offers a glossy, tactile experience, perfect for a decorative accent in a home or office. For a larger, more immersive experience, the 16x20 size can be selected in canvas, metal, acrylic, or wood. The canvas option provides a classic, textured look, while the metal brings a modern, sleek finish. Acrylic offers a glossy, vibrant appearance, and wood adds a rustic, organic touch to the piece. Each material enhances the artwork in unique ways, catering to diverse tastes and decors.


Larger canvas sizes are available on request, Please contact us for pricing.


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Gazing at the Moonlit Sky - Ceramic, Canvas,Metal, Acrylic

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