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This new artwork design offers a serene depiction of a turtle at rest under the enchanting glow of a blue moon. Set against a backdrop of a night-time tropical paradise, the turtle's repose adds a sense of calm and longevity to the scene, symbolizing tranquility and a connection with nature. The moon casts a soothing blue light across the landscape, reflected gently in the waters below, creating a harmonious atmosphere that’s both captivating and relaxing.


Like the previous piece, this artwork is versatile in its presentation options. It can be acquired as an 8x10 ceramic tile, offering a delicate and reflective quality that can enhance any space with its charm. For those who prefer a more pronounced statement, the 16x20 size is available in canvas, metal, acrylic, and wood finishes. The canvas choice brings warmth and texture, perfect for creating a cozy ambiance. Metal provides a contemporary edge with its smooth, lustrous surface. Acrylic emphasizes the vibrant colors and details with its clear, sharp finish, and wood offers a natural, earthy element that can ground the space with its organic feel. Each material complements the nocturnal beauty of the artwork, allowing for a personalized touch in its display.


Larger canvas sizes are available on request, Please contact us for pricing.


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Resting Under the Blue Moonlight - Ceramic, Canvas,Metal, Acrylic

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